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Kenya (July 14 in Kisii)

It was a leisurely Sunday morning after a good night's sleep. Breakfast was scrambled eggs, sausage, fruit and some bread. Instant coffee is often made with hot milk rather than hot water, so I tried some. Not too bad.

Botoro Lutheran Church was only a 15 minute drive. We were warmly welcomed by the Bishop elect who was in town, and I got a quick summary of my part in the service. I was handed a Swahili hymnal and could actually find a few parts of the liturgy I recognized. Several churches sent choirs who all sang great pieces for the service. I had been invited to preach, and it was my first time with an interpreter (the bishop). I think I did OK, and afterwards, the bishop said people wished I had gone longer. (With interpretation, I went 45 minutes). They are used to longer worship services here.

After worship, they fed us lunch and we scoped out the buildings we would use for the clinic which begins tomorrow. We are learning to be flexible as the local volunteers have a plan for seeing people, and we are here to work alongside them.

After we came back to the hotel we had time for a quick nap, then starts going through medications to get ready for tomorrow. By the time 9 pm rolls around, everyone is pretty tired. They are all good workers and seem to get along well.

We start early tomorrow, and are expecting a pretty big turnout.


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