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Kenya (July 15 in Kisii)

We were up a little earlier this morning and actually on the road by 7:40. After we unloaded and set everything up for the clinic at the church, the Bishop led us is a brief devotion, and we began to see patients. Each person who came signed in, then waited for triage (vitals), saw a provider and then usually stopped by the pharmacy.

I wandered from place to place, left an eye on everyone, ran a few errands and did a little teaching in the main waiting room. I spoke about the devotion I had done the night before. Pastor Joel interpreted for me. The people loved it, and then I gave them a chance to ask me questions about myself and my family and America. It really was the highlight of my day.

We didn’t shut down the clinic until after 5, and had to send quite a few home. I think we saw about 130 patients. Dr. Jon got to see a young boy who may have had polio, one with cerebral palsy and another with meningitis. The hit of the day was the 100 year old woman who amazed and inspired everyone.

We are praying hard for Kimberly, who stuck her finger with a needle after a woman requested an HIV test. It probably nothing, but we need to take precautions anyway. She’ll get tested and may begin some meds.

Rev. Shauen Trump, the executive director for LCMS in Kenya and Tanzania was with us tonight for supper. It was good to meet and be encouraged by him.

We are still learning our lesson that relationships always trump tasks in this culture. Time isn’t an asset like it is in America. But the bonds I build with others always is.

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