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A chance to help

Yesterday while I was working ahead on a bible class I'm teaching, a young man stopped by church looking for some help. He needed a place to stay and some gas for his truck. I'm often ready to help but always willing to converse, but I just felt like I needed to hear more of his story.

His name was Adam and he looked to be in his early twenties. He was from Missouri, and with neither parent alive, there was nothing left there for him. Like so many others, he thought he could find some opportunity in Florida. His pickup truck was running, it was filled with power washing equipment, and the driver's window wouldn't close. The previous nights showers interrupted his sleep as he spent the night in his truck.

I had him follow me up to the gas station to fill up, and though I couldn't get him a room, I did give him some money so he could eat. There may have been more to his story, but that wasn't all that important. I told him he might have a better chance of finding some work just down the road in Bunnell. And then I said, “I want you to know why I'm helping you today. I believe that a long time ago Jesus gave his life for me,and though I could never pay him back for that, I can thank him by helping others.” As I spoke, he slowly smiled and said, “I know he's my Lord and Savior. I know where I'm going!”

He drove off and I drove back to church. Our conversation was brief, but meaningful for me as well as Adam. I wonder what his version of the story would sound like.


One thought on “A chance to help

  1. Pastor Bill— I think Adam’s story would include something about the committed/compassionate/and caring Pastor and person he met and talked with! I really hope lots of people se
    e your post and understand what a special Pastor you are.

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