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Reflections on being a grandfather (so far)

I’ve got two grandchildren now. My first, Eden, was born last summer. Number two, Elijah, is just a few weeks old. A week or so ago, these cousins met for the first time and this seems like a good time to reflect upon my experience of being a grandfather.

First, there’s little that compares with holding newborn life. Small, helpless, trusting, miraculous are just a few adjectives that come to mind. Tears and laughter erupt in their presence. They grow so fast you find yourself watching each minute to see how they’ve changed. The memories of my own children’s births are vivid once again.

As I take them in my arms, I remember exactly what to do. Immediately I cuddle, rock and sway. A diaper change is followed by a quick swaddle before lifting them up on my shoulder. Without thinking I’m singing songs, imitating their sounds, and giving them a tour of the world.

Suddenly, my children have become husbands and wives, and dads and moms. They still call me Dad and my wife Mom, but we call them “Dad” and “Mom,” too. But no one is confused.

Life is so simple when all you have to worry about is eating, sleeping and getting your diaper changed. All you have to do is cry a little, and someone – or everyone – comes to attend to your needs.

2 thoughts on “Reflections on being a grandfather (so far)

  1. Beautiful grandchildren – great grandparents and same for each child’s parents.
    Good luck & God Bless!

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