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A trip to Alpha Pregnancy Center

Today’s guest post was contributed by my grandson Elijah David Kendall.

My mom took me to the Alpha Pregnancy Center in Palm Coast, FL today. I have to confess, I dozed off during the ride over, even though it was only a few minutes from my house. I awoke to the bright afternoon sun when my grandpa lifted me out of my mom’s car. Who would have suspected that such a wonderful place would be tucked in behind some storage units and a strip mall!

When grandpa pushed a call button and announced our arrival, a very nice lady welcomed us at the door. I knew in a moment this was a place where moms and babies were VIPs. The walls were covered with baby pictures and I saw piles of blankets for babies. There were so excited that we had brought with us a car load of diapers and baby wipes that were donated during last week’s Vacation Bible School. I met a very nice woman named Jessica in the reception area, and then Martha, the director, came around the corner and greeted us. I recognized her voice, for she had come to speak at our church few months ago before my birthday. But it was even better to see her in person. She was so happy to see me, too.

Diapers and wipers collected at this year's VBS
A car load of diapers and wipers collected at this year’s VBS

Martha gave us a tour of their building. I got to see the counseling area, a classroom filled with resources, and a room filled with baby clothes. So many people had donated so much for babies that hadn’t even been born yet! I felt pretty important and very, very loved. Do you know that people from my church fill up baby bottles with change to help moms take care of their babies? Someday I’m gong to do that, too. Over sixty moms come in every month for support, encouragement and direction.

After our tour, grandpa talked with Martha about Child Evangelism Fellowship and the Good News Clubs. I wanted to say, “Sign me up!” but I think I’m a little too young. So I just politely listened. Afterwards, we went to Panera to hang out. Mom and Grandpa had some iced coffee and a snack. At first, I was a little grumpy because they didn’t order anything for me. But it turns out Mom had a snack for me, so I felt better. In fact, I felt so good, I even smiled for a few pictures.

I am so glad I got to go to Alpha today. I think everyone should go there at least once. I know I’m a little prejudiced, but I think babies are pretty important. Jesus did, too. As soon as I figure out how to fold my hands, I’ll be praying for moms and babies, too, thanking God for the gift of life!

Elijah is two months old and lives in Ormond Beach, FL. 


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