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Tag: Good News Club

Can I have your attention?

Post-Easter Sunday excitement, wiggles and sugar-hangovers made the Good News Club a little more challenging last week. After a few songs and teaching about the resurrection via the account of […]

The room suddenly got very quiet.

Last Monday afternoon’s Good News Club was, let’s say, “spirited.” Anytime you get within spitting distance of Christmas, there will be a surplus of kid energy filling any size room. […]


Bang! Well, it was actually more like a “pop.” But it worked. I popped a plastic shopping bag filled with air and got the attention of the forty-some children who […]

A trip to Alpha Pregnancy Center

Today’s guest post was contributed by my grandson Elijah David Kendall. My mom took me to the Alpha Pregnancy Center in Palm Coast, FL today. I have to confess, I […]