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relevantWhen I got to the office early this morning, I saw the red light lit on my phone. I had a voice mail.

I couldn’t understand it at first. After several listens, I could make out the introduction, “This is Corinne, from Relevant Church.”

Relevant Church. I had never heard of that church in our area. Interesting name. A presumptive name. An implication: other churches aren’t relevant. Like mine, for instance.

Am I being a bit too defensive? Perhaps. What would define a “relevant” church? Is my church relevant? Or out of date? Like your father’s Buick, maybe.

What would characterize a “relevant church?”

A church that speaks to the issues we face in our time? A church that addresses the concerns that we have right now? A church that speaks the language we use everyday?

How about a church that preaches the Word, in season and out? Or church that proclaims the gospel, timeless good news for people in darkness who need some light? Or one that points to a Savior who doesn’t come to condemn but to save?

Is an eternal God, who never changes, “relevant?” Is the gospel ever “irrelevant?”


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