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On Jesus’ prayer list

I came across this sentence as I was paging through one of my journals from last year: “We’re on Jesus’ prayer list.”

The thought came from Luke 22:32, where Jesus tells Peter, “I have prayed for you.” It also connects with Romans 8:34, where Paul tells us that Jesus is interceding for us at the right hand of God. I keep a list of things I’m praying for in the back of my journal, and we’ve got prayer lists at church, but I don’t often stop to consider Jesus’ prayer list. I should. I’m on it.

On the one hand, this is very reassuring. My Lord is praying for me! He must care a lot about me. On the other hand, it concerns me. Jesus prayed for Peter because Peter was about to be “sifted” by Satan. Yikes. I hope that’s not on the schedule this week. Paul mentions it in the context of persecution. Really? I had other plans.

The context of Jesus’ words is about Peter’s failure, restoration and ministry to others. Well, I know from experience that I am going to stumble, by God’s grace I’ll get back up, and I’ll end up learning some lessons that will help me help someone else. Life’s never easy, so I appreciate being on his (and your) prayer list.



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