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Black Mouth Cur

IMG_3558.JPGSince the day we brought him home, we wondered what kind of dog Samson was. We were originally told he was a mix of shepherd and lab and whatever. Friends would look at him and see boxer and ridgeback. We often asked him, but he never even gave us hint. Our vet simply called him a Florida Brown Dog, and we pretty much stuck with that.

Today at the farmer’s market, a woman who I believe works at the humane society asked, “Is that a Black Mouth Cur?” I replied, “I have no idea.” She continued, “I think he’s a Black Mouth Cur. They are great dogs. In fact we have a waiting list for them. They are really good with wounded veterans and work well with those who have PTSD.”

So we went over to a bench and looked up the breed online and sure enough, Samson fit the breed’s description and looked like all the pictures. He’s got a shepherd-ish tail, but there plenty of variation allowed for in the breed. Black Mouth Curs are not among those breeds listed with the AKC, but there’s plenty of information about them available. And plenty more pics at Samdog.


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