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Haiti (April 11: first clinic day in Bien Amie)

We were up and out by 7:45 am on our way to the small mountain community of Bien Amie. We ran right into horrendous Port-Au-Prince rush hour traffic. It took our four 4x4s two hours just to get out of the city. Mostly stand still. With no traffic direction and no traffic lights, it’s a free -for-all. You don’t flinch, you just keep driving. It’s truly a game of inches.

 We finally got to the church about 11:30 and started to set up. Now by church, I mean a flat 25×25 foot area on a hillside shaded by torn tarps suspended by rough hewn poles. Our ears popped, so I’m guessing we were up about 3,000 feet. There were about 300 people waiting, many moms and kids.

We set up places for 3 providers, a pharmacy, treatment, and to see most of the children. After I presented the gospel to all the moms gathered there, I had a translator and got to talk to everyone who needed to see a doctor after they registered. I asked if the were Christian, and how I could pray for them. These were great conversations. Prayer requests ranged from deliverance to children to a stronger faith. I had two conversations that actually led to first time faith. One was a man who had heard a lot about Jesus and wanted to take the next step. The other was a woman who had miscarried, she believed, because of her involvement with voodoo. I led her through the whole wordless book and prayed as she told God of her faith and asked for forgiveness. I then connected her with a local pastor for more conversation.

We wrapped up about 4 and got home by 6. Yes, we took a different way home!

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