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Pretty sneaky, Dad

If you’ve been reading my posts lately, you know I’ve been spending a lot of time with my Dad, who, as far as we can tell, isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. One of the perks of this experience has been the chance to spend time with my brother and sister. But when the call came that Dad might be cashing in his chips, we converged.

We hadn’t been doing much of that lately. My sister Cindy is busy with her law firm in Manhattan, my brother Jim is plenty busy with his family and church in Springfield, VA and my church keeps me plenty busy in Palm Coast, FL. Apart from some recent weddings, our paths haven’t very often.

Until Dad decided to take a tumble, we were all summoned to the hospital and now spend quite a bit of time together keeping an eye on him. In addition to plenty of conversations about family, friends, work and church, I’ve had the chance to geIMG_4546t to know Jim’s kids better. We’ve been able to pool our collective experiences and think out loud about Dad’s future care. We’ve become more aware of events in our lives as we schedule time for Dad’s present care.

I know so many families who don’t have the chance to all get together until the funeral. We have been and Dad’s been at the center of that. Pretty sneaky, Dad.

One thought on “Pretty sneaky, Dad

  1. Dear Pastor:  I, from a similar experience, had some what of an “time” that you are going through – please know, we at SOTLC are keeping you and your dad, sister and brother in our prayers.  The only thing now is for your patience with the good Lord.  With all your travels back and forth, I for one, don’t mind if you skip a weekend or two with knowing you have your “plate-full” at home and church.  If you miss a Sunday with us, please do not despair.  You, your dad and family are all in our prayers and best wishes.  Do as your heart leads you and as the good Lord may lead you in this time of need.   If we see you tomorrow or the next etc., that is fine.  We are with you 100% and may God be your guiding light.  See you when the time is appropriate and your dad’s health allows.  As ever and always, Al Jensen 

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