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A beautiful moment

By Gods grace we are spending a long weekend near Harrisonburg, VA at the time of peak fall color. It’s hard to predict, so I don’t take credit, but just thank God for the beauty of autumn all around me for these next few days. 

As I sit and enjoy the reds, yellows and oranges, and watch as gentle breezes suddenly shake free leaves that lazily fall like huge snowflakes, I realize how fleeting this moment is. In a week, these leaves will be gone. Okay, they won’t be gone. They will cover the ground, but without their brilliant color. The trees will be bare, mere sticks coming up from the ground. The view will be hues of gray, brown, and black.

Isn’t that the way of so much beauty? Beautiful people surrender to aging, beautiful night skies disappear at dawn, a beautiful sunrise gives way to the day and the colorful fall leaves too soon fall. 

So we savor the moment. We do not despair it’s passing, for we know it was never meant to last. We await beauty’s next appearance, for we know she’s on her way. 

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