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Month: August 2019

My safe place

We’ll be hearing about and getting ready for a hurricane to hit Florida for the next four or five days. It’s the kind of event that has many wondering how […]


Yep, it happened again. Been there. Done that. And it won’t be the last time, either. But now, I have a word to describe the experience: ghosted. You’ve been ghosted […]

Taking it to the streets

Someone left an organ out on the curb for pickup by whoever. There has to be some kind of story that goes with this… “After squandering most of his earnings […]

Why was I so surprised?

Why are we so surprised when God answers our prayer in just the way we wanted? OK, why am I so surprised? It wasn’t a complicated request. It wasn’t even […]

My top ten “Dad” memories

After the recent death of my 95 year old father, I stopped to list my top ten memories of him. Most of them are from many years ago, but they […]

The “Manager’s Special”

After I recently booked a flight on an airline website, they gave me the option of renting a car, which I would need for a few days at my destination. […]

Finally, a funeral

We had been getting ready for this funeral for three years. That’s how long it had been since my Dad fell, his kidneys failed, and my brother, sister and I […]