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Taking it to the streets

Someone left an organ out on the curb for pickup by whoever. There has to be some kind of story that goes with this…

“After squandering most of his earnings from a long Broadway run, the phantom of the opera jumped on a Craigslist curb alert…”

“Kids playing ball in the street were treated to genuine stadium organ music…”

“These folks didn’t quite understand the question when asked, ‘Would you like to be an organ donor?'”

“Break a leg!”

“This is our choir loft. Now all we have to do is build a church around it.”

“Pastor, we thought the church might be able to use an extra organ. You can pick up it in front of our home…”

“That’s it. We are finally getting ‘organized.’ I have the perfect place for this beauty.”

I’ll leave the comments open for this one. How would you start your story?

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