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New journal day!

My newest Leuichtturm 1917 notebook

Somewhere in the back of my mind I remember my mom telling me how much she enjoyed opening up and writing in a new notebook, journal or even just a pad of paper. She loved the feel of the untouched pages, the blank sheets and the unlimited possibilities. She must have passed that love down to me. I love new notebook day!

Yesterday was new journal day for me. As I do every three months or so, I started writing on page one of a new Leuchtturm 1917 notebook. This one is dotted. I have used blank and lined journals before, but I find that dotted gives me the most flexibility.

Inside the front cover of my journal

I set up my journal by writing my “mantras” in the front cover. My mantras are little pithy phrases that guide my life. I also record the beginning date and the starting scripture. You see, I record my thoughts here as I read cover-to-cover through the bible. So each volume covers a portion of the word as well as my experiences and thoughts along the way.

I set up the pages from the back with my prayer list. This is where I keep track, so I don’t miss any of the ways God has answered my prayers.

A journal is a place to explore ideas, record my days, track some prayers and remember my blessings. I don’t worry about being legible. After all, I’m the one who reads the daily entries. But this record of my days and interactions, as well as research and ideas, will probably outlive me.

I wonder who else will ever sit down to read through my journals?

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