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Google knows a whole lot about you. So does God.

I forget where I first saw the headline, “Google knows a whole lot about you,” but it did make me wonder, “How much does Google know about me?”

I’m sure I don’t know everything Google knows about me. But just off the top of my head, I know it knows

  • Where I’ve been and when
  • What I have purchased
  • What I’ve thought about purchasing
  • What I’m thinking about buying
  • Who I’m related to
  • Who I know
  • Who I’ve worked for
  • Who I’ve worked with
  • Who I went to school with
  • What I like to eat and drink
  • Much about my health and health history

And a whole bunch of other information that I have put out there in my blog, sermons, social media posts, product reviews and pictures I’ve taken.

Scary? I don’t know. I don’t even think much about it. Maybe I should. Maybe I’ve just gotten used to it.

Or maybe I’ve long known someone else who knows even more about me. God.

He knew me before I was born. He’s got the map of my DNA – he made it. He knows my thoughts, desires and dreams. He knows my fears and doubts. He knows my feelings and emotions. He knows my coming and going. He knows when I get up and when I go to bed each night.

Not only does he know my past, but he knows my future, too. He knows what my day will be like. He knows how long I’ve got to live. He even knows my cause of death.

The bible calls this being “fully known” by God. There’s a great deal of comfort in that. I don’t have to pretend. I don’t have to tell God what I think he wants to hear. I don’t have to be afraid that he’ll find out what I’ve done. He already knows.

In fact, because God knows me so well, he helps me get to know myself better. The better I get to know him, the more I learn about me.

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