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It’s time to go.

He thought about leaving early. His mind was mush. He just wasn’t getting much done. Maybe he should go to the gym. A quick workout now usually meant a productive evening later. 

Commotion from the hallway startled him.

By the time he heard the words, “You can’t got back there,” the man in the dark suit with credentials in one hand and a warrant in the other burst in. Laying the papers on the desk, he closed and scooped up the laptop in one smooth motion and left.

“Wait a minute…” he started, following him out the door. Other dark suits were already walking out with the computers, boxes of files and even the recycling bins. Stunned, no one was talking. No one was moving.

Except him. What choice did he have? As soon as the handcuffs were on, he was escorted out the door.

In just three short years, the business had flourished far beyond anyone’s imagination. They had to celebrate. They deserved it. He made arrangements at the best restaurant in town. Dinner was excellent. Glasses were raised. Bonuses announced. Laughter filled the room.

His own smile and laughter covered up the truth. A truth only he knew. As he looked around the table, he saw more than just employees. He saw friends. Yet he knew one of them would make the call. One of them would give up evidence. One of them would rat him out. One of them would betray him. And he knew exactly who it was. 

It was one of his first hires. Someone who knew a lot more about finance than he did. Someone who had helped them navigate a couple of audits. Someone he had always trusted. Someone who could be bought. Someone who would bring him down.

As he sat down in the back of the black sedan, a scuffle broke out in the office. Was that blood on the side of someone’s head? Don’t do that. Just go. He would take the fall. He would go to prison. Everyone else would walk. It was the only way.

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