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Early morning school bus?

I did a double-take early one Sunday morning when I saw Flagler County School Bus drive by. I rarely see another car on the road when I’m driving to church about 6:15 am, never mind a school bus!

So I wondered, “What in the world is a school bus doing out at this time of the day?” I’m going to play with that question and see what answers I can come up with.

1. It was stolen. Someone broke into one of the busses lined up behind the middle school, hot wired it and simply drove away when they thought no one would be up and around. What better time than early Sunday morning?

2. The game went into triple overtime. We won, but it was a long drive home and now the driver is headed for the bus barn. Hopefully, he got paid some overtime, too.

3. Someone got their days mixed up. What? What do you mean it’s not Monday morning?

4. It really wasn’t a school bus. Someone bought an old de-commissioned school bus, refurbished it, and now drives it around for fun.

5. t’s a touring band, on the way to their next concert venue. Instead of advertising who they were, they travel incognito, preserving their privacy.

6. A driver-in-training took it out for a few extra hours of practice when the traffic was light.

7. It’s a team of researchers, testing to see if their algorithm for the most efficient route really adds up to time and fuel savings.

8. It was an experimental self-driving school bus. Better to work out the bugs early in the morning rather than with a load of students.

9. An arch-criminal had rigged the bus to explode when it stopped moving. The driver had to keep driving or…kaboom!

10. It wasn’t actually a bus, but a hologram of the bus. Fooled me.

The possibilities are endless.

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