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Category: questions

You call this a lawn?

Boy, if this were the newly planted sod in the yard of my newly built house, I would be very upset. Since when can a builder dump a bunch of […]

No more ________.

Every Thursday morning between ten and twenty men from our church gather for breakfast and bible study at a local restaurant. This group has been meeting for close to thirty […]

“Will you bless this for me?”

When I was getting ready to perform a wedding at a non-church venue in St Augustine last fall, the bride’s aunt took a cross pendant next door to the Basilica […]

A long, long line

“Hey honey, what do you want to do this afternoon?” “I don’t know. The house is clean, lawn’s cut, dog bathed, laundry’s done, bills paid, supper’s in the crock pot. […]

How many guns do you need?

Not too long ago I was wondering, “Who has a gun?” Since then, one headline caught my attention: “Only 3% of Americans own half of the nations guns.” On the […]

Sounds good to me.

I read a lot of articles on Medium, another publishing site, as well as blogs on WordPress and Blogger. A lot of pieces have titles that begin “The ultimate guide […]