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The only one

“Mirror of the Passion” Lent devotion for April 6, 2022. Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash

Now there was a man named Joseph, from the Jewish town of Arimathea. He was a member of the council, a good and righteous man, who had not consented to their decision and action; and he was looking for the kingdom of God. This man went to Pilate and asked for the body of Jesus.  (Luke 23:50-52)

Talk about standing out like a sore thumb. Joseph was one of the few who didn’t rush to condemn and ship Jesus off to Pilate. His may have been the only dissenting vote. How do you think that felt? How does it feel to be the only one?

Sometimes it’s embarrassing or discouraging to be the only one. I’m the only one who cares. I’m the only one who didn’t know. I’m the only one who wore a costume. I’m the only one who doesn’t like chocolate (If you don’t like chocolate, you’re probably the only one a lot!)

On the on the other hand, there are some benefits to be the only one. You might be the only one who got a perfect score on the test. Or the only who didn’t get sick. How about the only who knew the trivia answer? The only one who showed up on time. Or the only who showed up. Sometimes you have a little bounce in your step when you’re the only one.

Adam was the only one until he took a nap after naming all the animals. Elijah felt like he was the only faithful one left in Israel. He was off by 6,999. On the road to Emmaus, Jesus must have been the only one who hadn’t heard the reports of his resurrection.

Joseph gets a mention by all four gospel writers because he was dissenter. That took guts. It took guts to vote no. It took guts to ask Pilate for Jesus’ body. It took guts to put Jesus’ corpse in your own family’s tomb. It took guts to be the one.

Maybe you’re the one. Maybe you’re the one who cares for a friend who needs support. Maybe you’re the one they come to when they need a prayer. Maybe you’re the one they can trust. Maybe you’re the one they will remember.

I’m not sure the world really needs another one of me or you. One is plenty.

Thanks for helping me do the math, Lord. One is pretty good.

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