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Don’t ding our car

We had a few hours to kill before our Airbnb was ready in Rowlett, TX, so we went to one of our favorite local downtown places, Bankhead Brewery. All of the street parking was filled, so I pulled into the gravel lot out back.

As I pulled into a spot, a couple was getting out of an Infinity SUV next to us. I was still getting used to the rental van, so I lingered a minute to make sure all the doors locked. The other couple walked away towards the restaurant, but kept looking back at us. A better word would be “glared.” Especially the woman. She gave us the evil eye as if to say, “If you ding our car, buddy, we’re going at it!”

I double-checked my parking and we were fine. I was right in the middle of my spot. My wife could open her door all the way without touching their not-that-new vehicle. Still, we got several more glares as we followed them to the restaurant.

After we got inside and sat down, I went back out to get my wife’s reading glasses. As stepped away, she said, “You might want to move the van further away.” I agreed and repositioned the van two more feet away from theirs before I rummaged through a backpack for the readers.

After lunch, we walked back towards the van, and saw they moved the SUV out front to the street parking far way from this reckless driver’s parking lot antics. I asked, “Did they finish before us?” My wife answered, “No, I saw them sitting by the front window. They weren’t eating, just drinking.” It wouldn’t be hard to spend the afternoon day drinking at Bankhead. They have 16 of their own on tap every day.

So maybe, just maybe, they were worried that they might ding our van when they went to leave the brewery. I should try and explain everything in the best possible way, right?

I’ll try.

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