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I’m watching them, and they’re watching me

Two hawks were screeching in the tree right above our back patio. One flew off while one remained on a branch about twenty feet up. On any given day I’ll see them circling in the sky, riding the updrafts. Some days they may be sitting right on a fence post, just a few feet from the back door.

They’re watching. Watching the grass for snakes. I’ve seen them swoop in and grab an unsuspecting snake. Never saw him or her coming. Still wriggling in the talons as the hawk flies away.

Watching for bunnies. Plenty of those around. The bunnies who sit out front and think that if they are still enough, I won’t notice them. Right after I notice more bunnies than usual out in the yard, usually munching on garden plants, they disappear. Pretty easy targets for the hawk dropping in from the sky.

Watching out for other birds. The crows will sometimes gang up on them and loudly chase them away. I guess it’s not worth the fight when there are plenty of other trees around.

Watching me. I’m not a threat, but if I take a step too close, the hawk flies off. If I stand and watch too long, they leave. I’m not really a threat, but they aren’t taking any chances.

I love catching sight of the wildlife in our neighborhood. Sadly, more houses means fewer wooded lots. I think most of the deer have left. My neighbors in the sky are still around though.

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