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Cool take-home craft: A resurrection garden

He is risen! He is risen, indeed!

As part of my resurrection celebration, I got to help out at an Easter Egg hunt at the church we’ve been attending. The children who attended got to hear the Easter story, eat lots of treats, run around and find Easter eggs, and slide down the bounce house slide a couple of hundred times.

And they got to make this cool craft to take home: a resurrection garden.

First, fill a large flower pot base with potting soil. Place a small flower pot on its side and cover it with soil to make a nice hill with a cave.

Next, make a nice path to the cave with small white rocks. Add some moss on top of the hill and spritz it with water to hold it in place.

Third step: sprinkle some grass seed on the rest of the dirt and spritz it with water. Hopefully, it will grow up nice and green.

Finally, add three small wooden crosses to the hill and add a large stone rolled away from the tomb.

And there you go, a resurrection garden for Easter. I was so impressed, I made one of my own to bring home. My grass hasn’t grown yet, but it made it to our home decorations for our family gathering this afternoon.

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