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The Lilies are blooming!

It’s Easter in my garden. The lilies are blooming! I know Easter Sunday was April 9. But each spring, the lilies in my garden are late arrivals. I don’t mind. Technically the church season of Easter lasts seven weeks, so they get a pass.

I’ve only planted eight of these lilies. They’ve multiplied over the years. I did a quick count. I will get over thirty blossoms in the next week or so. Beautiful white blooms announcing, “He is risen!”

I’ve always thought that the blooming Easter lily was a reminder of the empty tomb of Jesus. But they are also a picture of the Revelation 7 saints dressed in white. Jesus said they remind us that God will provide, so we don’t have to be anxious about what we wear.

The rising sun, singing birds, ocean waves, stars in the sky, and the lily are reminders of God’s presence, power, promises, and provision.

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