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Tag: communication

I’ll do better next time.

Last Monday morning, as I was reading the bible and journaling, I jotted down a few reflections about Sunday morning. I preach twice each Sunday morning and one sermon always […]

Learning to communicate

So I’m learning how to communicate with someone who can’t communicate. I’m talking about my three-week old granddaughter. I’m fascinated by one who can’t speak or understand a word, yet […]

“What are you talking about?”

In the introduction to my sermon yesterday, I referred the HGTV show “Fixer Upper.” I knew that many in attendance were fans or had at least seen or heard of […]

Can we be better speakers and listeners?

So I am sitting at a conference, watching the other attendees, fascinated at all the other activity going on. Yes, there are a few people sitting, listening and taking noted. […]


At Adam’s first homiletics (preaching) class this semester, the professor, ┬áDr. Dale Meyer, said, “Just because you said it doesn’t mean they heard it.” That’s a good thing to keep […]