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Eight ways to get me to unfollow you.

Photo by iorni on Unsplash
  • Post something from a website with an expletive that shows up on my feed, including “wtf”. <Unfollow>
  • Use an expletive in a comment that shows up on my feed, even if it has lots of ********’s. <Unfollow>
  • Post so often that you dominate my FB feed. <Unfollow>
  • Write long, long, oh so long posts ranting about things no one really cares about. <Unfollow>
  • Post way too many selfies of yourself with duck lips or big hips. <Unfollow>
  • Post generic “Happy Birthday” to no one in particular. <Unfollow>
  • Post comments that pointedly insult members of my family. <Unfollow>
  • Annoy me. <Unfollow>