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Tag: memorial

Death just isn’t convenient.

I was talking to the last few people to leave church yesterday when a friend told me, “I had a question posed to me. Someone asked, ‘Why did you schedule […]

A tale of two memorials.

Last Saturday, I did two memorial services, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. The services were similar, yet very different. Seven people attended the first service, including […]

Talking to myself (again)

Ten minutes before the memorial service began today, someone came over and said, “We’re not going to fit.” We had everything set up and ready to go in our chapel, […]

I went to a funeral.

I went to a funeral yesterday. As I sat there before the service began, I realized that I’ve been to very few funerals that I haven’t conducted. The person who […]

Back to back

Last week, two of my members died within days of each other. Both had slowly succumbed to the symptoms of Alzheimer's disease over the past few years. Both had been […]