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Tag: pastoral ministry

A (mostly) nursing home day

One of the realities and responsibilities of my pastoral ministry is the cycle of visits to members who can't get out to worship with us on Sundays.

In your shoes

For this post I am going to try and put myself in your shoes. The shoes of someone who is a member of our church, who has come faithfully for […]

Everclear margaritas

It was the spring of 1982, a significant year for me. I had quit my job at Bell Labs in New Jersey and moved to Austin, TX to begin a […]

When the pastor came to visit me

In 1979, I had just moved to New Jersey into my first apartment to begin my first job out of college at Bell Labs. After a few visits, I found […]

“You shouldn’t have to do that.”

“You shouldn’t have to do that.” I wish I could tell you how many times I’ve heard that sentence lately. But I can’t. I’ve lost count. Due to a plethora of […]