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Tag: trumpet

Is that a sharp or a natural?

I have been thoroughly enjoying my new lens implants following eye surgery to remove my cataracts. My distance vision in my left eye is crystal clear. My reading distance vision […]

I went to a funeral.

I went to a funeral yesterday. As I sat there before the service began, I realized that I’ve been to very few funerals that I haven’t conducted. The person who […]

The blessing of being nonessential

It’s taken a while, but one pastoral task I seem to be getting better at is “preparing God’s people for works of service” (Ephesians 4:12). I realized this tonight as […]

Do you understand?

I cleaned my trumpet today. As I think about writing that last sentence, I realize that any non-brass playing person probably has no idea what I’m talking about. They’re thinking, […]

Jazz 91.1

I’ve got some new music to listen to while I’m working at the computer. It’s the live feed at, Jazz 91.1 from Toronto, Canada. All jazz music, all the […]