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First look at Sunday, February 8

bald_eagle_soaringThe Old Testament text is Isaiah 40:21-31, ending up with the familiar (at least familiar to me) “they who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength.”

Isaiah reminds his readers that God can pretty much handle everything.  From His perspective “above the circle of the earth,” earthly princes and rulers don’t present much of a challenge to Him.He never loses track of the stars, so why would you think that He doesn’t care about you?

There’s the challenge.  It’s easy to feel like God either doesn’t know or doesn’t care about your situation.  If He did, He’d act, right?  He’d do something.

The idea of waiting for the Lord is then tied to mounting up with wings like eagles.  Eagles can catch an updraft and soar for hours, not expending, but regaining energy.  What updrafts can we catch so that we aren’t killing ourselves trying to do everything and make things work out?  When might it be better to wait and trust the Lord rather than try harder?

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