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Museum or mission

zzzzA number of years ago, someone challenged me with the question, “Are we trying to build a museum or a mission?”  They were talking about our church (not the one I’m currently at), and the challenges we were facing.

I think that’s a great question.  Have we set out to build a museum or a mission?  A museum will contain many great memories off the past, and people may or may not come by to see them.  A mission, on the other hand, will not be an exhibit, but a journey to those who need to know Jesus Christ, and all that He has done for us.

Sometimes it seems that most of the business of the church is about the “museum.”  Memorials, buildings, and something static you can stand there and look at.  Why don’t we worry more about our mission, which will always be somewhere else, somewhere in the community, or somewhere in the world, where we are proclaiming the gospel.

It’s real hard for me to get excited about a museum, but easy to get motivated about mission.  Rather than working to enhance what we have on our site, why don’t we pour our efforts into going someplace else, where someone, anyone, needs to know about our Savior?

Whenever I’m really quiet at a meeting, it’s usually because the discussion has digressed into museum talk, rather than mission dreams.  I try to be patient and listen, but it’s hard not to say, “Who cares?  Let’s do something meaningful for the kingdom of God, rather than ourselves!”

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