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Mt. Calvary

Last Thursday night (Feb 5), I attended one of the new sanctuary worship services at Mt. Calvary Baptist Church, right next door to us.

As I arrived, I introduced myself to one of the ushers (she was dressed all in white) and she told me, “I will seat you.”  She took me right down front and sat me in the front row in the center.  I was honored.

I should mention that Mt. Calvary is an African-American congregation. I was the only caucasian in attendance that night, but that was OK.  I vicared in Baltimore, MD, and we were the token non-blacks in our neighborhood.  It brought back many good memories of that year.

This is a pretty traditional black Baptist congregation.  And I say that with great respect.  They know how to worship!  Everything the pastor said was meet with comments from the congregation.  The guest preacher was excellent, and worked from the assumption that this is God’s word and we’re going to listen to it and it’s going to do something powerful tonight.

There was always something going on.  People arriving.  Some standing, some sitting.  Some singing along, some listening.  Some setting up musicl instruments, some responding to the preacher.

I thoroughly enjoyed the two hour service and hope I’ll have the chance to worship again there soon.  They offered me a seat on the dais, but I declined, not wanting to draw too much attention to myself.  It would have  been very hard to drift off during that service.  My favorite quote from the preacher: if people  bought pews to put in their homes, they would get a pretty good night’s sleep!

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