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All my friends were

Sitting in Starbucks the other day, I overheard the following conversation:

“You mean she just wanted to get pregnant?”

“Yeah.  All her friends were.”

On one level, that at exchange makes having a baby sound like something you do because all your friends are, like going to a party or getting a tattoo (or both). On another level, it sounds like someone who didn’t want to be left behind or miss out on something important. You can’t always find someone you want to spend the rest of your life with, but you can always (usually) have the experience of having a child.

I wonder how the church will deal with families that have this dynamic. I’m not sure we’re prepared for this. We seem to do much better with one mom, one dad, one marriage, and some kids.  Few families are like this anymore. I am convinced God doesn’t love them any less, its just that we weren’t ready for something so different.

In the Old Testament, guys had lots of wives, lots of kids with their wives, and even more kids with servants, concubines, and prostitutes, so in a way, I guess we’re really not breaking new ground. God did some amazing things in those families, so maybe I should expect to see more of his grace.

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