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Would you send a secular Christmas card to your pastor?

Do you send out secular Christmas cards?

Would you send a secular Christmas card to your pastor? You know, a card that has snowmen rather than shepherds, a winter scene rather than a nativity, or winter birds in the snow rather than angels in the sky?

I get a number of secular cards each year from the members of my church.

Now before I get too preachy, let’s ask, “What are some legitimate reasons for sending a non-religious Christmas card to you pastor?”

  • It’s possible  that some people cut expenses by buying something on sale. Let’s face it, some of the card boxes sold in religious bookstores are pricey. So I can understand that.
  • Or, perhaps most of their friends aren’t Christian, so I get the same as everyone else. I guess I can see that, too.
  • How about this: “He knows what Christmas is all about, so I don’t need to send him a message about the real meaning of Christmas.”

I’m not sounding very convincing. None of those thoughts really impress me as a good reason to send your pastor a “Happy Holidays” card with a cardinal (the bird) or Santa by a palm tree on the front. I spend weeks and months and years preaching Christ and this is what you get. Either I’m not communicating clearly or the seed is hitting some pretty bad soil, which Jesus said would happen. In some ways, I’d rather get a Hanukkah card — at least it’s got a connection to the Light of the World.

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