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“I need to talk to the pastor…”

The other day I got a phone call from a member who had a question for me. She wouldn’t tell the office administrator what the call was about. She had to speak to me. A question about something she read in the Bible? Something that came up in a discussion of her faith with someone? Perhaps she wanted to get involved with a ministry at church!

Nope. “Is it OK if I come by at 1:30 tomorrow to show a caterer our kitchen?” For this you need to speak to the pastor? This fits in the category of pulling me aside 30 seconds before a worship service starts to inform me, “The ladies room is out of TP.” Thanks for the timely info. And then there’s the ever-popular, “Pastor, is anything going on at the church June 19th?” Of course I have all the events for the year committed to memory.

I guess the predominant thought in churches is that the pastor pretty much runs everything. I would like to dispel that myth right now. I would love to pray with you about someone you are witnessing to. Let’s discuss a controversial sermon topic. Let’s toss around ideas about where you think God wants to use you and your abilities.

For the other stuff you might want to talk to someone else.

2 thoughts on ““I need to talk to the pastor…”

  1. Not so much. Just needed to vent a little, I guess, when my thought process was interrupted one too many times.

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