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Happy birthday, Dad!

Just got off the phone with my dad, who turned 86 today. He’s doing great, the snow’s all melted in Philadelphia, his crocuses are up and beautiful, and baseball season is just around the corner. Life is good.

The problem with living that long is that you outlive a lot of people. My mom’s already been gone for five years, he’s outlived all his brothers and sisters, many of his good friends from church and a lot of neighbors. He’s still got a good church family, a few of my cousins to keep an eye on him, and the Phillies who have been very worth watching these last few years.

My brother and I send him sermons and he really likes that. When you have a CD to listen to, you can go back and listen to the parts you didn’t understand the first time. He never got to hear me preach that much over the years, so this is something he really enjoys. Adam is taking his first preaching class at the seminary, so I’ll have him preach this summer, and then my dad can hear yet another generation in the pulpit. That will be cool. Not just because I can get a day off, but because I have a feeling Adam is going to be very good in the pulpit. That’s my unbiased, objective opinion, of course.

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