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My wife in Haiti (part 4).

The text I received about 2:30 pm today was, “The spiders here are on steroids! Huge spider in the sleeping quarters…and it was carrying babies, too…” Big enough that “the guys were jumping, too.” It probably found its way inside to escape the torrential rains that came down today. Between that and being hot and sweaty all the time, the conditions are difficult to say the least. Just imagine living there in a tent, or less. The generator goes out frequently, so power for the fan and showers is unpredictable. I don’t think the clinic will be open on Saturday, so tomorrow will be the last full day of seeing patients. It’s a little dangerous to leave the compound, so I don’t know what they’ll do before they leave on Sunday. It will be interesting to hear her reflections on the whole experience, which I am sure will not be her last.

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