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What I learned at a leadership retreat

Last night and this morning, I got my church council together for a long overdue leadership retreat, two three-hour sessions to talk about some vision and insight into their role as church leaders. We had an agenda, but that wasn’t really the most important dynamic of our time together. The best thing we did was eat, talk, laugh, pray, and relax together as a group. It is something we should have done right off the bat at the beginning of the year, especially with a number of new people on the board.

We often talk about how important relationships are when talking about our faith  with others and when inviting people to participate in a ministry or study. We encourage our small groups to do this on a regular basis. Well, guess what — it’s just important to develop the relationships between leaders who meet together on a regular basis. At least that’s what I now realize. Our monthly business meetings will feel much different now that we’ve spent time in another setting, sharing, listening and interacting. I intend to make sure we get together like this in the future to further develop this dynamic.

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