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Would anyone miss us?

I left you hanging yesterday with the question, “What is an appropriate tool for measuring the effectiveness of a church’s ministry?” I feel the need to investigate that question and maybe come up with some answers. It is so hard to step away from numerical growth because that’s most visible and easily measurable. And bigger is better, right? Growth equals success. If you’re growing, you must be doing something right. We’ll model you. If you’re not growing, you must be dying.

The other day, my friend Jay wondered, “Where is the church” when spring break alcohol arrests quadrupled this year at Panama City beach? You can read his thoughts here. What kind of influence does or can the church have in the lives of young adults? How can we help them pursue a different kind of spring break that benefits both them and others? Isn’t there something the church can do? Is anything different in your community or community because you’re church is around? That maybe one way to measure effectiveness.

You can ask that question another way: if your church folded tomorrow, would anyone in the community miss it? That’s a painful question, because there are some days when you’d have to answer, “nope.”

One thought on “Would anyone miss us?

  1. It sometimes appears that bigger is better. Sometimes big churches seem to have this “celebrity” attraction. The more people that attend, and the fuller the parking lot is, the more people want to worship there to see what’s going on. Here in St Augustine we have 2 highly successful churches(if you want to consider the attendance as a measuring tool for success). The one thing that I know for fact, is that these churches, one that met in a community center when it started just about 15-20 years ago, has a big emphasis on young families, and activities for children and for the youth. They are also big on small groups meeting at each others homes or at the church. I strongly feel that churches either have to attract young families, or they will slowly die.
    Now is bigger better? I think that is personal. I like knowing the Pastor, and the congregation. I would be lost in a church of 5000, and probably would not feel at home there.
    Would the community miss SOTC if it folded? You bet it would. Youth group, Flagler resource center, children at open arms, and mostly Lutherans of Palm Coast who need a place of worship would definately miss it. I know that my family would certainly miss it! SOTC is a wonderful place, and makes a difference in the community.
    Spring Break? Well we do live in an area where everyone seems to converge for spring break. We only hear about the bad thing that happen. Last year when we built the Habitat house in Palm Coast, we had a group of 5 college kids from Iowa who spent their week working on a house. This goes on all over the US. We just don’t hear much about all the good things that some of these kids do. Can the church help? …..There are probably some oppurtunities in our area. What if we offered a free place to stay (fellowship hall) and some meals for college students who want to come to Fl to enjoy some sunshine, and do some community work for a few days during the week. Just a thought.

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