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Eight ways to get your pastor to visit you

Pastors (at least I do) spend a good deal of time visiting with people. A visit might take place in someone’s home, a coffee shop, a hospital, or at the church. If you’re hospitalized, homebound, or recent guest at worship service, you can usually count on a visit.

But what if you don’t fit into any of those categories? If you’re healthy and regularly attend worship, chances are the pastor won’t be stopping by. So how do you get the pastor to visit you? Here are a few tried and true (and intentionally humorous) strategies for receiving a call from me to set up a visit.

Have a baby. I love to come see the little ones! A litter of puppies works almost as well.

Buy a home. I’ll come out to bless it.

Get engaged. We’ll get together for premarital counseling.

Open a restaurant. I’ll stop by for lunch. A coffee shop works, too.

Mention your desire to make a significant donation.

Allude to your desire to teach Sunday School.

Decide it’s time to get serious about those evil spirits wreaking havoc in your house.

Got a tiki bar? I’ve got a blessing for that, too.

Yes, you too can be a good member and still get a visit from your pastor!

One thought on “Eight ways to get your pastor to visit you

  1. I don’t want a visit from my Pastor! Why – heck I have been a Lutheran since I can remember – not a Missouri Lutheran but an Evangelical Lutheran until I joined up with SOTCLC. I, now going on 87 remember the days when our Pastor had to ride the electric street car, bus or whatever transportation was available to him to visit his parishioners. He didn’t work 5 days a week (then 40 hours) but 7 days a week over 80 hours or more and had little time for his wife and 2 children. Times have changed – Yes – Pastor D has a car but he also has a family – he is up so early in the morning setting up his “chores” of the day, visiting the sick – being at the hospital when you are having an operation etc or in emergency care – he is there to greeet you as you arrive at the hosptal – his time is really not his – but God’s – do we, I know I do, thank the good Lord for our shepherd here at SOTCLC – if you have time one Sunday, get to church around 8:00 AM and don’t be surprised to Pastor – he has the Praise Service – Bible Class and then our regular service not mentioning all of you who take your problems (big or small) to him each Sunday or during the week. A Pastor’s life is not his or his family’s own – it’s God’s and yours. No, I don’t want my Pastor to visit me – he has enough to do and I don’t want to ad anything to his daily chores (that seem endless to me). In my long years of life (going on 87), , I thank God each day for our Pastor, his family, our church and congregation (of whom I really don’t know that many). Those I do know are friendly and kind and always greet me with a smile (a gift from God). Think twice about a Pastorial visit – I always do!. God Bless.

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