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How much risk should we take?

How much risk should we take as Christians? Do we throw caution to the wind and trust God to protect us? Ordo we play it safe, knowing that we are like sheep among wolves in this world?It depends on your definition of “risk.” Is it risky to talk to someone about your faith? It could be. You don’t know how they’ll react. You could offend and lose a friend. Or God could use you to reach someone. You never know.

Is it risky to go and do mission work in another country, like Haiti? It could be. Some of those who need Jesus the most live in some very unstable and dangerous places. Anything could happen.

Is it risky to play it safe and never let your faith leave the confines of your home or heart? Absolutely. You risk not experiencing how God can use you to make a difference. You risk not seeing someone experience his love in very tangible ways. Hopefully God will send someone else. He will, won’t he? How ironic. You can play it safe and still be taking a risk!

I’ll bet most Christians (at least in this country) don’t even think of faith as something risky. Depending on your beliefs or church, it could be boring or entertaining, tedious or fun, predictable or inspiring, irrelevant or demanding. But it doesn’t seem dangerous or risky.

What are you missing if you never take a chance?

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