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It only takes one







I am up to the book of Judges in my current “read through the Bible.” The first judge mentioned is Othniel. That name resonated with me since there was a student in the first grade class I volunteer for named Othniel. I’ve never met a real life Othniel before. I thought that was pretty cool.

in any event, “The Lord raised up a deliverer for the Israelites, Othniel, Kenaz’s son, Caleb’s younger brother, who rescued them. The Lord ’s spirit was in Othniel, and he led Israel. When he marched out for war, the Lord handed over Aram’s King Cushan-rishathaim. Othniel overpowered Cushan-rishathaim”(Judges 3:9, 10 CEB).

It only took one. It only took one Spirit-led person to rescue God’s people from their enemies. It only took one faithful leader to turn the tide. It only took one to make the difference.

Perhaps when I am feeling like Elijah, having a pity party, feeling like I am the only one who really cares, I need to be reminded what a difference one can make. It only took one perfect life and one sacrifice on the cross save many. It only takes one faithful person, led by God’s Spirit, to bring a message. It only takes one to influence so many others.

It’s conflicting. I don’t to be the only one, yet at the same time, I sometimes pray that I will be the one.

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