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Better than OK

I wasn’t all that thrilled with last Sunday’s sermon. It was OK, but I wasn’t sure I really connected with the congregation.

Then I began to get some unusual feedback. Unusual because it went beyond the usual, “That was a good sermon, Pastor.” The first comment at lunch that day was, “When we heard the sermon, we knew what we had to do.” Another person three days later told me, “Once we heard your sermon, we were no longer undecided. We had to get involved.” Yet another listener emailed me during the week and stated, “After the sermon, I applied for a local volunteer position, and was immediately accepted.” Not just one, but three people took action because of something they heard in the sermon.

My text and topic really isn’t relevant here. The truth is, I should know better by now. After twenty-seven years of preaching I should know that God’s Word will not return to Him empty, but will always accomplish what He intends. Sometimes I get to hear about the response. Other times I don’t. But I should know that He will do exceedingly more than I ask or imagine. But I am still surprised sometimes.

So I am either putting too much pressure on myself, or I am not trusting God very much. Or I am guilty of both. In any event, when I do get some feedback like that, I know I can relax a little and trust God more. And I can do that right now, because Sunday is always just few days away.

One thought on “Better than OK

  1. This happens to me as well, and I suspect all pastors. And the fact that another Sunday always comes is a great blessing – I can neither dwell on those sermons I think were good or bad. Keep thinking of the next one and trusting.

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