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Who’s watching?

rob-sarmiento-85394Who’s watching me? I’m not paranoid. I really don’t mind people watching me. I just started thinking about all ways I’m being watched and I don’t even realize it.

Like all those security cameras in the stores. Maybe some are just recording. But some must have someone actually watching the feed.

What about the people in their homes who watch me through their window as I walk by with my dog? I always look up when they walk by my home. I’ll bet they glance at me, too.

I hope people are watching me from their cars. I want them to miss me rather than hit me if I’m crossing the street.

How about the people slowly driving through the neighborhood. I don’t always recognize the car. Are they watching to see when I’m home? And when I’m not?

There’s a lizard on the porch who watches me very carefully. If I take one step too close, he’s gone.

Then there’s my dog who watches me when I’m eating. Just in case a scrap falls to the floor. Or I save a piece of something for him.

I know that someone digitally watches me when I browse products online. Ads for those very items immediately pop up when I use other applications.

The waiter or waitress at the restaurant watches me. To see if I’m ready to order, need a refill or dessert, or need the check.

Facebook stalkers. They look at everything I post and every picture I’m in. But I never know it. They never post themselves. They may not even be friends. But they are watching.

Some of the cars following me have sensors that watch me. If I stop, they make sure that car stops too, avoiding a rear-end collision.

There is always someone monitoring the self-checkout lane at Home Depot. I hardly notice them, but I know they are paying attention to me.

I am often surprised by the invisible voice who calls out, “Welcome to the store!”

It could be the other people you are having lunch with. They are watching closely to see if I’ll reach for the check.

I like to watch people. And I’ll be they like to watch me.

Who’s watching you?

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