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“The (fill in the blank) will still be here tomorrow.

Photo by Sophie Elvis on Unsplash

In a world of “limited-time offers”, warnings that “time is running out,” “if you call in the next five minutes” teasers and “not available in stores” products, all of life can seem urgent. After all, yesterday is gone, tomorrow isn’t guaranteed and today is all you really have, right?

Well, yes and no. There are definitely some things you don’t want to put off until tomorrow. But there are other things that will still be there tomorrow. We should pray for wisdom to discern between the two.

For example, definitely spend time with people, especially the ones you love today. But don’t get too hung up on cleaning every nook and cranny in your house. If you are too busy or stressed out today, don’t worry, the dust will still be there tomorrow.

Write a thank you note as soon as you can. The longer you wait, the more awkward that task becomes. Didn’t get to all the weeds in the garden? Don’t worry, they will still be there tomorrow.

If you can, play with your children or grandchildren today. They won’t be little forever. If you don’t get around to throwing out the old leftovers in the refrigerator this afternoon, don’t fret. They will still be growing mold tomorrow.

Spend some time with God today, even if it’s just few minutes in his word or in prayer. He usually has something to tell you that you’ll need later on. But if you didn’t get all the ironing done, don’t sweat it. The wrinkles will still be there tomorrow, or better yet, they might just hang out overnight!

Get some exercise. At the very least, go for a walk. And take the dog. Keep moving rather than feeding inertia. If you don’t get all the toys put away that you got out playing with the kids, never fear. They’ll be waiting for you tomorrow!

Why not run some of your life through the “The (fill in the blank) will still be here tomorrow” filter?

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