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The slowest way

Photo by Luca Ambrosi on Unsplash

All I had to do was mail a small package, returning an unwanted product. I usually use the self-serve kiosks at the post office. Ah, one is open. I touch the screen and get this message, “Unable to do anything right now.” Fine. I’ll wait. But the guy at the other kiosk is standing there, with a package on the scale, trying to figure out what to do next.

OK, I’ll go wait in line. Three people ahead of me. Sweet. I can do this. Within minutes, a hand goes up and it’s my turn. I step up to the window, hand over my package, and say, “Send it the slowest way.” I get a chuckle from the post office worker as well as the people around me.

In the past, I might ask for the cheapest or quickest way to mail something. This time, I didn’t care about the arrival time. Put it on the bottom of the pile, and load it onto your slowest truck, the one likely to break down on the way. Whatever.

How often do I ask for the slowest something? Rarely. I want the shortest line with the most experienced cashier at the grocery store. I drive up to the window for fast food. I like my GPS to take me on the fastest route possible. I can read a book much faster with the Kindle app on my phone than holding a printed copy.

When is it better to slow down a little? To take a slow rather than a brisk walk. Prepare food in a slow cooker rather than the microwave. Read a book slowly and thoughtfully. Wait in the longer line and talk to someone.

What else can I do in the slowest way?

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