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Roasting Peeps: Disappointing but delicious

Roasting Peeps over a fire seemed like a good idea. It was an exciting idea. As soon as my grandsons came in the door late Easter afternoon, they wanted to know when we were roasting Peeps. “Not till after supper.”

The whole project was almost derailed when Consumer Reports announced that Peeps colored with red dye #3 could cause cancer. Disaster. Fortunately, we purchased traditional yellow Peeps. Whew. We were good to go.

After an Easter egg hunt and ziti supper, I got a nice hot fire going in the pit and we were ready to roll. We got out the Peeps and loaded up the marshmallow roasting sticks. It didn’t take long to realize this wasn’t the same as roasting a marshmallow. It should be. After all, what’s a Peep? In our case, a yellow chick-shaped marshmallow. A few seconds over the fire and the sugar coating Peep number one burned and the chick began to drip into the fire. As long as it doesn’t catch on fire, a marshmallow will firm up as it turns brown. The Peep mostly just melted and turned black. Yuk.

But hey, no way I’m wasting a good Peep. We put it between graham crackers with a piece of chocolate to make a tasty Peep S’more. Didn’t look nice but tasted great. A fun way to wash down all that Easter candy. Lol. Next time we stick with marshmallows.

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