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Category: Christmas

I got more religious cards this year.

This year we received a total of twenty-nine Christmas cards. Unlike previous years, the religious cards outnumbered the secular by 18-11. I broke out the religious-themed cards into two categories; […]

The best candlelight moment ever?

This past Christmas Eve candlelight moment felt like the best one ever. I’ve been doing Christmas Eve for a pretty long time. As in many churches, our evening worship concludes […]

Celebrating Epiphany

What is it about Epiphany that makes it so appealing? Is it because it’s usually the first Sunday of a new year? Is there something about the wise men that […]


My children’s sermon this morning came from the gospel, the account of Joseph and Mary coming to the temple with Jesus for their purification, where they met Simeon and Anna. […]

Christmases two and three

Today was crazy fun as we had Christmases two and three. I picked up my son, daughter-in-law and grandkids at the airport last night and got home about 10 pm. […]

What do the holidays do to you?

As I was browsing through some stories and articles on Medium, I ran across this curious statement: “The holidays do things to some people.” So I began to wonder, “What […]

My favorite thing about Christmas

What do I like the most about Christmas? Preaching. The chance to get up in front of a congregation and preach the word. Tell the story, explain the implications of […]

Christmas cantata night

Tonight was Christmas cantata night at church. For the last fifteen years (it might be more or less, I really don’t know!) our church choir and a variety of other […]

Uh-oh. Jesus seems to be missing.

It’s Christmas-card time again. Kind of. The numbers are dwindling. In years past, we received about fifty to sixty cards from friends we’ve made in the different places where we’ve […]

No gifts for you!

My wife and I stopped buying Christmas gifts for each other a long time ago. Why? Read on. It wasn’t always that way. Early on in our marriage we did […]

Walk through Bethlehem

Last night, my wife and I, along with my daughter and her family, walked through “Walk Through Bethlehem,” an annual Christmas season production by Crossroads Ministry in Daytona Beach, FL. […]

The evolution of Christmas music at home.

Even thought we didn’t decorate our Christmas tree until Christmas Eve while was growing up, we did begin playing Christmas music the day after Thanksgiving. After telling Alexa to play […]

Take your time

This comment caught my eye the other day when I quickly glanced through some social media: “Our Christmas tree lights are on, Christmas candles are lit, presents are about all […]