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Tag: Dad

Still hanging out with Dad

It ‘s only been two weeks. But it feels like it’s been two months. Two weeks since the doctor said Dad had 10 days left to live. Two trips to […]

Hanging out with Dad

I got the call last Wednesday night. My sister-in-law found Dad on the bathroom floor, confused and dehydrated. Tests at the hospital revealed kidney failure. The doctor spoke in terms […]

A winter visit with Dad

With Christmas put away and the season of Lent looming (a pocket of calm between two busy seasons), I knew I needed to get up to Springfield, VA to visit […]

The Big Clean

How hard could it be? Dad had cleaned out a lot of things in the house years ago. He had given away clothes, linens, craft and sewing supplies and lots […]

Take it or leave it?

“Take it or leave it?” My brother, sister and I asked our dad that question countless times over the past few days. The time had finally come to move him […]

Equal time for Dad

In my Mother’s Day post, I promised to give Dad equal time. Good thing I remembered. Five weeks have flown by and it’s the eve of Father’s Day. Here goes. […]