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Tag: thanksgiving

Thanksgiving memories

I’m surprised that I really don’t have a lot of Thanksgiving memories. I really like the holiday, especially preparing and consuming the food. I had to really work to come […]

It’s over…for now

The party is over, kind of. My two oldest children have gone back to school and our home is suddenly a little emptier and much quieter. The last few days […]

We gather together…

We had our usual Thanksgiving Eve worship at church today. Actually two times today, once at noon for those who don’t drive at night, and then again in the evening. […]

How do we learn thankfulness?

I meet with our preschool’s students each Wednesday morning. I love the chance to interact with a room full of three, four and five year olds who have such a […]

Initial Thanksgiving thoughts

Our congregation traditionally has a Thanksgiving Eve service each year. Thinking about my sermon for that service, I thought about Jesus giving thanks at the last supper. When else did […]